What does membership give me?

  • Free entry to all general meetings,
  • socialise in the company of like-minded people,
  • free refreshments during the meeting breaks,
  • free handouts in the shape of ‘One Pagers’ and the occasional demonstration notes,
  • a newsletter which is posted electronically eleven times (February to November) a year,
  • 50% discounts on fees at all workshops and training sessions.
  • Technical support from our more advanced users.
  • For a payment of a nominal fee, members can attend the annual Sunday Luncheon held on the last Sunday in March and socialise with other members in an informal environment.
  • Social nights (at your own cost) held on the last Friday night in June and September at the German Club, enabling members and guests to intermingle in a non-computing environment.

So, to coin a cliché “It pays to belong”; in return you are asked to –

  • give feedback on what you would like to see demonstrated at our meetings,
  • what training courses you would like to see offered

And help with the running of the club by either as

  • volunteers to help setting up the meeting hall,
  • or serving on the committee.


Click here to download the ICE Membership application form in PDF format


Click here to ask for HELP or send us your feedback

Click here to download the ICE Members Kit 

What's in the ICE Members Kit

Unzipping the Member’s Kit, applies to Windows XP and later. Download (save) the Member’s Kit to your desktop.
Right-click the file and in the resulting menu click on Extract Here and the unzipped folder will appear on your desktop.

If you are running an earlier operating system, you will need a program that will unzip the Member's Kit.
Just click on this link ( free jZip here) and follow instructions.

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