Common Browser Error Messages and What They Mean

Abode Acrobat - Links

E-mail - Another Way to Save

E-mail - Add You Own Graphic

E-mail - Etiquette

E-mail - BBC Those Groups

Excel - But I Wanted To Use ClipArt

Excel - Copy a Formula without Changing Its Cell Referances

Excel - I Thought Filters Were For Things Like Fish Tanks And Coffee Makers...

Excel - Add a Little Colour to Your Life

Excel - How to Unhide Row 1 and Column in an Excel Sheet

Excel - Add Information to Excel Formulas

Excel - Case Sensitive Sorts

Excel - Cell Hide and Seek

Excel - Default Font

Excel - Print Grid Lines and Headings

Excel - Use Text to Columns Wizard

Facebook - How to Hide What You Read Outside

Firefox - Delete Cookies in Firefox 6

Finding Safe Mode in Windows 8 Isn't Easy

Flash Drive

Graphics - How to Pick the Best Format


Gmail - Change the Font Style and Size

Internet - Force Internet Explorer to Open a New Browser Window

Internet Explorer - Get Rid of Cookies

Internet Explorer - Search Engine Tricks

Internet Explorer - Delete Cookies in IE 9

Internet Explorer - Save Web Pictures

Internet - Another Way to Save Images

Internet - Difference Between Run and Save

Internet - Webpage Error Codes

Media Player 11 - Keyboard Shortcuts

Microsoft Says Goodbye to Recovery Partitions

Misc - Ejecting a Stuck DVD

Office - Duplicating With Spacing

Office - A Menu of My Own

Office - Cancel a Print Job

Office - Change the Colour of Selected Items

Office - Pictures and Shapes

Office 2010 - Customising the Ribbon

OS - End It All

OS - How to Show File Extensions in Windows 7

Photoshop - Frozen Fonts

Photoshop Elements - Add Text to a Photo

PowerPoint - Converting Slides to Screensavers

PowerPoint - Banish the Blank Slide Jitters

PowerPoint - Add Music to a Slide

Using a Word Processor to Get Rid of Foward Brackets

Vista - 24 Hours Time in Windows Vista and 7

Win 7 - Pin Control Panel to Taskbar

Windows logo Keyboard Shortcuts


Word - Mouse-less Smart Tags

Word - 22 ways to Select Text

Word - About Fonts and Lines

Word - Back to the Beginning

Word - Moving in a Document or Table

Word - Restoring a Graphic Back to the Original

Word - Selecting Text in a Document

Word - Create a Strikethrough shortcut

Word 2007 - Wrapping Text Around a Table

Word 2010 - Use Text Effects

Word 2010 - Navigation Pane

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How to Keep Printing Costs As Low As Possible

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Picasa – Still the Best & Most Versatile Photo Manager Available

Ribbon Hero

The Windows Command Prompt

Use AutoText to save multiple return addresses

What Are The Different Computer Cable Types You Should Know As A User

What To Do When Windows System Restore Fails

What You Need To Know Before Buying a Tablet

Win7s No-Reformat, Nondestructive Reinstall

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Some Things Should Remain Private - What Not To Share On Facebook

Using Microsoft Word - Here's How to Become a Time-Saving Ninja

It's More Expensive than Blood - How to Squeeze More Ink out Of Your Printer

9 Changes to the Default Word 2013 Settings

Why Does Windows Crash - The Top 10 Reasons


Disclaimer: The Illawarra PC Users Group Inc. disclaim all responsibility for any losses or
damage which may be attributed to the use or misuse of any material published in these pages.

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