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ASCCA - Australian Seniors Computer Clubs Association

South Coast Linux Users' Group - Connecting with Computers - Hobart Computer Users Group - Melbourne PC User Group - PC User Group (ACT) - Perth PC Users Group - Pine Rivers Computer Club - Shoalhaven PC Users Group - Sydney PC Users Group - Orange Coast IBM PC User Group - users helping users

UCC Senior Cyber Club - Unanderra Community Centre Senior Cyber Club

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Choice Computer Magazine

ZDnet Australia

PC User magazine

PC Authority magazine

PC Magazine

PC World Magazine

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Microsoft Australia

Life Choices about seniors

Computers made easy for seniors - California University

Ideas & Improvements - not just computers Broadband choice - just enter your phone number - Everything you need to build a perfect web site. - CD audio ripping tool - convert CD wave audio to mp3 format - Hubble - great pictures and videos of space
Royalty free music uploaded by artists - free top download - free open source software & freeware  - make tech easier  - This newly launched section includes something for everyone

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