Next Meeting - Saturday, 27 July 2019 at 1:00pm

Please bring along your Laptop, Notebook, iPad, Tablet or Phone if possible.
There will be power, WiFi and bench top space available for members to exchange
ideas and demonstrate solutions to problems you may have.
The club has 6 ipads.

Get pro-active and attend as the future of the club depends on you. 
The Cyber Club will be incorporated in our general meetings.

Visitors are most welcome!
Your first visit is FREE then a door charge of $5 applies to non-members.
Carers are exempt from the door charge.
For further details, contact a committee member:


, the ICE Newsletter is published 11 times a year (February to December) and e-mailed to all financial ICE members.
Members can opt for a mailed hard-copy for an annual payment of $25.

Your Contributions Please! Be part of this Newsletter by contributing a short, informative (100 to 200 word) article about
your experience with computers or something you have read. Please make sure you understand the item you contributing
and provide your name and indicate the source if it not your own work. Articles may be edited if they are too long.
Please submit them by the 15th of each month.

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